Friday, June 12, 2009

Dirty fourty

I had formed this title in 1999 it self. I am an indian and I had the darshan of fourty dirties in my life in our country . in my trails to communicate the solution for the all problems of India. Our Bloody MPs are enjoying all the hell they have to plan and solve the problems of the country. But my self? I hadnt been elected atleast as a ward member .. Yet I had analysed the falls and regains of the economies of the world countries and drafted a plan (Operation India 2000) . You can know more about it afterwards.. I am giving few hints from my plan.. All the 10 crore unemployed will be employed- all the Indian rivers would be linked in a short period .. present currency will be banned and new one will be intreduced (to root out the black money) ,co-operative farming will be implemented..Presidential form of govt will be there.

Coming to the point as I had the darshans of the above dirty fourty I want share my feeling about them.

Dirty number one
The prosittutionalised journalism. I had drafted a fine plan to resolve all the problems of India. I had sent 200 copies of my plan to the Speaker of loksabha to distribute among the mPs .(11-6-98)

But he hadnt done it. I had wrote the issue with all documentary eveidence to the dailies in Tamil,Telugu,and English. But except some 3 no magazine had flashed this crucial news.

Still in the year 2003 the CM of AP him self promised me for the appropriate usage of my plan.

Afterwards it had became the care taker govt. The successors also not taken any action.

I had sat on hunger strike for 10 use!

I had announced a padha yathra to the state capital no use.


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