Friday, June 12, 2009

India will be prosperous and will

I am an alien in my town,mandal,district even in my state and country..

why because I always think about my mother land and dreaming its golden age

I had drafted a plan to rebuilt India:The main points of my plan.1. Implementing presidential form of govt.2. Appointing a special army with 10 crore unemployedyouth.3. Handing over the project of linking Indian riversto them.4. Abolishing present currency and introducing newone.5. Undertaking all the agricultural lands after payingcompensation in shape of bonds payable in double afterfive years.6. Implementing co-operative farming. 1. Implementing presidential form of govt.By this the chief excutive of the country will behaving power to implement the next coming points.There will be stability .2. Appointing a special army with 10 crore unemployedyouth.
By this all the unemployed will be given chance tocontribute to the national income and have ashare(percapita income)
3. Handing over the project of linking Indian riversto them.The north part of the nation is suffering with floodsand south part of the nation is suffering withdrought. Linking all Indian rivers is the onlysolution. Anyhow the Indian economy is depended onagriculture. Irrigation is a fundamental need forsuccessful agriculture.
If this project is handed to any pvt constructioncompany it will take minimum 100 years. If it ishanded to the special military formed with the 10crore unemployed youth it can be completed with in 5years.
4. Abolishing present currency and introducing newone.The black money prevailing in the Indian market is theonly cause for hike in prices,falling govts etc. thereis no other measure to root out the black money.
5. Undertaking all the agricultural lands after payingcompensation in shape of bonds payable in double afterfive years.
Factors of productions are four. Land,labour,capital,and organization. In India there are twoclasses one is ruling and another is ruled. The 3factors of production ( land,capital and organizationare in the hands of ruled class.only the labour is inthe hands of ruled class. In this condition atleastthe land can be plucked by the govt from the hands ofruling class. To avoid violence the govt can giveproper componsation . As there is no source it cangive it in shape of Bond payabe after 5 years.
6. Implementing co-operative farming.By this the returns from the lands will go to themembers and every member will work hard for the goodresult. Large scale production will be possible.
My trails to communicate this to the Indian govt:
on 11-6-98 I had sent 200 copies of the plan to theloksabha speaker and requested to distribute the MPs.First they denied the recipt then asked for freshcopy. I had sent but invain. Finally I had sentRs.50/- through a postal order towards postage toreturn the plan copies . It was delivered. But stillthe plan copies are pending in the office of thespeaker ,Loksabha.
Bitter experience with the office of the CM of AndhraPradesh:
From November of 1997 I am sending the copies of myplan . On 22nd of April 2002 I had sent mo for Rs.10towards postage to respond on my plan. It wasdelivered. I had complined to the CLP leader DR.YS (he is the present cm).
I think he had influenced the pahee. On 3rd ofAugest 2002 the Deputy secratary to cm had sent me anote to send my praposals to place the same before thecm. I had sent. But no response inspite of manyreminders. I had field a petition before the districtconsumers forum in chittoor. By knowing this throughdailies the deputy secretary of cm had wrote me andpromised for the appropriate usage of my plan. Whenmy mo was delivered and cm office hadn’t responded Ihad wrote to the clp leader (Present cm) the office ofthe clp leader had responded in favour.Even though theregime of chandrababu was over the same officials arecontinuing in pahee. They are planfully doing theirbest to hide my letters from the eyes of the cm.
Hunger trike for 10 days: Only to communicate the problem to the cm I had saton hunger strike from 2nd of October 2004. Media hadcovered well the issue. Revenue report gone. Policereport gone. Intelligence report gone .The sp hadconveyed regrets on the negligence of the cm pasheeand promised me that he will take this to the noticeof the cm. But invain. Responding to my emails the cmpashee sent a mail and instructed me to contact thecollector. I had contacted. But in spite of manyreminders there was no response.
Padhayathra to the capital: Due to this I had announced a padhayathra to thestatecapital to meet the cm on 8th of april 2005.. Butthe leaders of BC,SC,Vaddara,Madhiga sangams hadrendered unconditional support to my plan operationIndia 2000 and requested me to go by bus if I do sothey will also accompany me. So that I had dropped and planning for a bus yathra to the state capital. Ifmy plan comes out. India will be prosperous and willcome out from the worldwide trap of USA.


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