Sunday, May 31, 2009


(It is a bunch of suggestions to get back the novelty in Tirumala as in 1900 A.D and minimizing administrative expenditure of the TTD. It was sent on 19/9/1999 it self. Reminded many times. Rs.10 was sent by MO at least to return. But nothing was done)

The legend around Tirumala says that Sreevaru had borrowed a huge sum from Lord kubhera for his marriage expenditures and he has to return it at the end of kaliyuga. But the TTD is going on spending the revenue of Tirumala. It is nothing but vanishing the trust of countless devotees and degrading the legend. So the TTD must minimize the administrative expenditures and it has to buy gold coins with the surplus revenue. The gold coins must be kept at the gold investment scheme of central government.

1.The Tirumala must be filled only with spirituality . All the things other than sreevaru must be be banned. An amusement park must be planned at the out skirts of Tirupathi. The devotees who are interested to have thrill,pastime must go there. first. After fulfilling their perversion then only they may be permitted in to Tirumala.

2.In Tirupathi bus station it self unnecessary luggages of the devotees must be kept safely with free of cost. DVDs must be made with dos and don'ts with film actors and actresses must be projected even in the TTD chowltries (where the devotees have their sudarshan tokens.), Tirupathi bus station and also in the buses which carry devotees to Tirumala.

3.Traveling other than with govt transport corporation buses must be banned. Even the VIPs must be carried with RTC buses having bullet proof.

4.The image of Garuda must be painted on the buses. only Spiritual movies must be projected or spiritual songs must be broad coasted in buses.

5.The environment in Tirumala must make the devotees to feel that they have switched on the Time machine to 1900 A.D. All the things which remember 20 th century must bee removed. ie. pepsi -cok hoardings

6.The services of the intellectuals (ie. civil engineers artists, doctors, auditors ) , who are the devotees of Sreevaru in the world must be used at free of cost at least for a month in a year. Free accommodation and darshan must be given to them.(The TTD is implementing Sreevari seva -using devotees to work for serving food in nithyannadhanam etc.. It is nothing but the pirated copy of my vision sent on 18/9/1999 it self by courier service)

7.All the employees of TTD must under go a complete medical-psychological test. Who found deceased must be sent on leave. for necessary treatment. Only after submitting fitness certificate they must be given postings.

8.The employees must under go an examination conducted on the history of Tirumala and sreevaru , who fails must be sent on leave. Only after passing re examination they can be given postings. If they fail again they must be deputed to any other department of government.

9.The employees having consumption of Alcohol must be deputed to any other department of govt.

10.The economical conditions of the employees must be reviewed. TTD has to help its employees to come out from the private credits.

11.TTD has to conduct picnics to the members of the families of TTD employees and it has to motivate them to feel proud that their head of the family is blessed to serve for sreevaru. TTD has to motivate them to lead a simple life with high thinking.

12.All the employees in TTD must wear uniforms ie; pancha ,dhothi, kanduva and thala paga. They have to work with desks and beds.

13.No employee must be permitted to work in a same seat more than 6 days. A jumbling method must be followed.

14.TTD's magazine Sapthagiiri must be edited by various VIPs every month ie. by mega star chiranjeevi, super star rajinikanth etc

15.Advertisements belong to TTD mustn't be published in any news papers. The must be placed only at the website of TTD. The website may offer matrimonial services for reasonable cost.

16.Every employee of the AP state government must be given an opportunity to serve for Sreevaru at least for a week in a year. In the same way TTD employees must be deputed at least for a week to any department of the state government.

17.TTD must have a own TV channel. (It is been implemented.)

18.TTD must generate power only through solar system, biogas units. But it must be supplied to Tirupathi. The power bill of TTD must be paid only out of the power sold to Tirupathi.

19.TTD may think even to arrange yellow sarees and dhothies to devotees for rent to avoid the devotees who come with ultra modern dresses.

20.Retired film ,cricket,political, judicial personalities may be appointed as Honorable PRO s to receive the VIPs who visit Tirumala. The EO may be able to attend his administrative duties.

21.The finger prints of the criminals in India searched for several crimes must be loaded in a computer. It must be at the security cabin . There must be a scanner at the threshold of the temple. Every devotee has to keep his hands on it. The scanner have to scan the hand prints and sent it to the computer. If it finds it at the data base it has to alarm.

22.No product or service must be given to devotees at free of cost. All must be arranged at reasonable cost and in ISI standard. (No devotee is willing to have any thing for free. They are very particular about the quality