Friday, June 12, 2009

sexy Astrology

Every one may think that Astrology is the subject for the old, by the old and among the old actually Astrology is a sexy subject. You can know the sexual behavior of a person by his first letter of his name or his date of birth. You can also know that who may love you /who may satisfy you in sex. You can know the length of the organ of a man/depth of the organ of a woman. You can also know that which part of his or her body will be more sensitive. Here I am listing the sexual behavior of men and woman according to their Zodiac signs.
Mesha: These people may not be interested in fore play. In the matter of men due to excess of heat there will be pre-matured ejaculation. They may have cracks at their organ.
2.Vrushaba; these people will be interested only in talking about sex than doing it. Woman belong to this sign will be ready for sex just after a small kiss or fore play.
3.Mithuna: These people may not separate even after ejaculation. They will be with their sexual partner even after having sex.
4.Karkataka: These people will be worried only about the lock of the door than about sex. They will propose verities of angles or locations to have sex.
5.Simha: These people may suffer with lack of sufficient semen. They will have sex even in open air, on hills, or with animals.


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