Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rajnikant offered one crore

hi .. Rajini kanth had also talked about linking indian rivers . Already I am praposing a plan for it.According to my plan a special army would be formed with 10 crore unemployed youth and it will link the rivers. The name of my plan is operation India. If the government decides to give them a singl tea for one time budget of 20 crores may be wanted to do it. But Rajni offers 1 crore . What a joke?

Had u saw his latest movy Sivaji. In it he shows a new way to vanish black money . According to it all the black money must be sent to abroad and get back in dollars. What the hell he is saying. From abroad u may get just RDX or veapons. No dollars Mr. Rajini..........

In my plan I had recommended to abolish the present currency and to issue new one. People having old may have new after proving their old currency as a legal one.

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