Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Exploitation in Telugu print Media

You may be shocked to hear that Indian media which is advocating against exploitation is itself exploits its reporters/sub editors/editors/sales representatives/advertisement representatives and leads them towards black mailing and corruption. Yes it is my personal exit is my personal experience . I am prepared to give this same statement as an affidavit.

In beginning I too trusted that media is beyond corruption and it is the last trust for a victim. But as well as I had entered in to the media as reporter in chittoor Andra Pradesh I had understood that media means exploitation by the management and leading journalists to corruption and blackmailing.

All the leading Telugu dailies are having their own news agency. For example :

Enadu-News today ; Andhrajyothi-Online, Vartha – Prabhatha vartha. ; Andhraprabha –keerthi News Net work. Every reporter other than staff reporter will be appointed to the concern news agency. Even though he is serving to the major Telugu daily according to law and records he is a worker of un known news agency. They will get only line account. It means 30 or 50 paisa per Centimeter. But the same magazine may collect Rs.75 to 175 per CM for publishing commercial advertisements. Only in some of the dailies the staff reporters are paid salary. That too in some of the dailies i.e. Andhraprabha in past will not pay a single piece from the head office. The staff reporter has to run the unit office out of commercial and government advertisements . After meeting all the expenses i.e. Office rent, power charges, telephone charges ,salary to the DTP operator only he can take his salary. Some times the advertisement manager may double cross the staff reporter and fly with advertisement charges. Except 5 major dailies no reporter is paid line account also. They have live with corruption and blackmailing by using the logo of the newspaper.

Due to this some of the staff reporters are swallowing all the advertisement charges received . But no one is courageous to sue on him. Why because if they want to sue on them they have to recognize them as their employee. The print media is very keen in flashing exploitation in the society. But the print media it self exploiting the workers. It is a cruel joke .

All the dailies are pressuring their reporter to canvas for advertisements and fixing targets. By this indirectly the management pressures him to bow to the rich, powered, ruling class. I had worked as a town reporter for Andhraprabha Telugu daily from chittoor for 2 years. One year I was to work even without an ID and aggradations . In the next year only the management recommended the DPRO to issue aggradations . I was to work with out receiving a single paisa. As I am an astrologer and a son of Retired District Treasury officer I was able to maintain my family without any corruption. But I had noticed that many reporters were turned in to *Dalaries (middle men) and exploiting the people .

Always they will be at police stations, check posts, office of the MRO and recommending somebody for some thing. They would collect their bribes even before the work is completed. Some of them were collecting monthly bribes from check posts, and in some government offices also. Recently the managements of Dailies are applying another tactics . They are running school of journalisms and giving training . In the training period itself they are used to publish the news items given by the students of school of journalism .

There was a hearsay about the entry of Vartha Telugu daily by Sangi brothers. It was alleged that the management of Vartha and Enadu had tried to get some 100s of Aceres of land in ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Hyderabad city and Enadu was successful. Only due to this failure sangi brothers had started Vartha just to balance the imbalance while comparing to Ramoji rao groups (Enadu).

Recently a demand was created by the management of Soorya Daily (to be released in short time / there is a hearsay that it belong to the kith and kin of the CM ofAP ) for reporters.

These are all well known truths. What the hell is going on ? Is the labour commission is in deep sleep? Is the working journalist union is at coma ?


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