Thursday, July 2, 2009

Top Secrets of Astrology

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You may have already heard about Indian astrology which predicts your feature. About 90% of people trust Astrology. There are lakes of Astrologers in the world some of them paying income tax also.

Due to the caste system prevailed in India education was limited to a particular caste as well as Astrology was also at their custody.
They were selfish and clever enough when the alien attacked our country and captured they turned into Translators and liaison officers. They given up ‘VADAS’ and ‘ASTROLOGY’.

In this condition people belong to other caste were attracted towards Astrology. In the same way I had been attracted towards astrology.

When I was 22-years old I had some puzzles basically I was clever and searched for the answer anyhow Astrology enabled me to find solutions for my puzzles.

In begining I was blindly following books but many times I found contradictions between the predictions according to the books and fact’s. I started research on the subject.

All of the books on Astrology explained what will happened but no book had told how if happends.Above all there was in digestable gap between books and life.

As I was a tremendous reader I have touch in all subjects. As astrology deals with all the things between birth and death. The above told stuff helped me to fill up the gap between predications and facts.

For this I have to try my self with several subjects there are just 9 planets in Astrology but they influence every thing under the sky so that. I was to do more.

With my efforts I came to some conclusions. I am furnishing things below:

1. This creation is a continuous process .
Every thing at this creation are interlinked, connected, and made with same elements. But with a different combination. Every element is influencing the other.

2. While talking about the planets and the human they influence each other . Baby is a film roll and the mother is a Camera. When ever the shutter open’s it becomes a unchangeable photograph.

3.God is the prime minister and the planets are the ministers. As prime minister allots the departments to the ministers the God implemented a division of labor. The God divide all the things into 9 groups and given control to each planet on each group.
If we have good communication with a minister. He does better with our obligations . If there are misunderstanding’s we can’t expect favorable orders.In the same way if a planet is in a good position at our horoscope it helps and does good in the fields allotted to it by the God.

4.As I had already told the creation is a continuous process. If we had done good to the group of people ruled by a planet at previous birth, in this birth we shall born at a time on which the particular planet rules the particular group would be at a good position as we had helped in the previous birth those people they will help us in this birth.

(To be continued


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