Sunday, July 12, 2009

Participate in a research on Astrology

I am the only astrologer who founded logical remedies for evil effects of the planets .

I am a proffessional astrologer from 1989.
I read thousands of horoscopes and got a practical stuff.

I was most successful in predicting the important political developments i.e. victory of J.Jayalalitha in 2001 elections, Attack on Mr. Chandrababu (EX CM of AP), Victory of Dr.YSR in 2009 Elections, Arrest of Swamy Nithyananda Etc.

Now I am to conduct a deep research officially on astrology.
For this Just you send me your horoscope. I will send you 5 main points about the state of your living . You have to reply how far it was true & fact . mail ur horo to :
Note:please Don't send me just birth particulars. Please log in to and derive your horo and mail me your complete horoscope.


  1. my detail
    25/34N 73/58E

  2. Sir,
    you r having rahu & kethu at 2/8. It turns ur life in to a gambling. All of your words may become false. u may have to get out ur home. Threat from decoits can be predicted. U may have sight prob. U may have un known health prob. You may be more fate or too lean. U may have vomiting sensation just after taking food. U may may have un warented motion also .To resolve all of these probs pray to Durga & Ganapathi