Friday, July 17, 2009

A bunch of modern poetries

It is a bunch of Telugu modern poetries written by me. Even though my writings had been published in many Telugu magazines i.e., Adhivaram Andhrajyothi, Psycology Today,Kaliyuganaradha and all that ..It is a separate task, which was possible only with the grace of God.

Heard about the Mother of Gods:
As my mother tong is Tamil. Writing poetries in Tamil may be logical but in Telugu? It is just a miracle. In the year 2000 I was to meet some friends who were aware of the importance of Saktheya one among the Shanmathaz in which only the Shakthi is a vital power. Sree.Sree.Sree.Bhuvaneshwari was the central theme of their discussions Unfortunately as all the valuables this one also was also unused or not well used by them. But they were the sources by which I heard about the mother of Gods. They were used to telling cock and bull stories under this topic.
The chain of previous births:
From 1986 them I was chanting the divine Rama manthra. Only to get rid of the sexual thoughts I had started to pray Hanuman. And only to get the presence of Hanuman I was chanting Rama manthra. Hara –refers Shiva and Uma –refers Parvathi ..Ramakrishna Paramahamsa says that one who chants Rama manthra he will get the grace of both hara and Uma as the Ra in Rama represents Shiva and Ma in Rama represents Uma.

There is a rule that only if one chants panchakshari-Om namasivaya- in his life time then only he will be qualified to chant Rama manthra in next birth. In the same way he has to Chant Rama manthra in his next birth and become qualified to chant Hreenkara Beejam
Which is the Beejakshara of Bhuvaneshwari in his third birth.

I was lucky :
As I Was lucky I had chanted panchakshari for some time and Rama manthra for 14years (1986 to 2000) and got the Beejakshara of Bhuvaneshwari. From 23rd of December 2000 I am continuously chanting Hreem.

Some words about my poetry:
1.If there is any plus that must be credited to account of the mother of Gods and if there is any minus that must debited from my account.
2.I had raised not only the traditional points but also of the modern days


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